Are there any special considerations for lgbtq+ students looking for student housing?

Because of the great diversity in the. The basic need for safety and security in student housing is particularly intense for LGBTQ students. Because of the great diversity of the LGBTQ student community, it can be difficult for those who oversee campus housing to address the myriad concerns and needs of LGBTQ students. The following eight-step list provides practical guidance to help you begin to improve or reevaluate your campus housing for LGBTQ students.

LGBTQ+ students have additional considerations when starting their search for a university. Like all students, you need to find a school that offers careers that interest you and that has extracurricular activities that you want to participate in, but you also need to find a school with a welcoming and supportive university culture. The good news is that universities are emphasizing being a safe and supportive place for all students more than ever. However, some schools are especially good at supporting LGBTQ+ students.

Be sure to evaluate campuses carefully to be sure that you will be offered the right support. First-year students who would like to explore apartment or suite accommodation options, or anyone who has specific housing requests, should contact Kate Tessier from Housing or Kalyani Kannan from Gender %26 Sexuality Services for assistance. If your university offers on-campus accommodation during this vacation, make sure that LGBTQ students have the ability to access this accommodation if they need it. We encourage students who are interested in receiving specific assistance for LGBTQ people in finding off-campus housing to contact GSS.

Institutions can provide direct information to students who identify themselves as LGBTQ and can use this information to understand the progress of these students in the institution. The Center for Diversity %26 Inclusion and Housing and Residence Life recognizes that some transgender and non-binary students may have concerns that are not addressed in previous resources. Housing for all genders allows students to reside with other students regardless of registered legal gender, gender identity, or gender expression. The contract section on housing for all genders asks students about their interest in housing options for all genders.

These three types of rooms are not part of the housing for all genders, but are available by default for all students included in the accommodation contract. This option is intended for students who wish to share a room and suite (if applicable) with other students of any gender identity. We encourage students who are interested in receiving help finding roommates to contact Kate Tessier from Housing or Kalyani Kannan from Gender %26 Sexuality Services. Students interested in housing for all genders should also look for rooms that are labeled with mixed education or C.

Campus housing offices have a major impact on the lives of LGBTQ students and have the opportunity to serve as positive models for other offices on campus by offering support to this student population. When applying for an accommodation contract with 26% of restaurants, students are presented with some options to choose their accommodation needs on campus. From frontline student staff to the people in the central office who make the decisions, these individuals have a direct impact on the overall climate of LGBTQ students living in campus housing. Apartments and suites are available by default for students with at least one year of university experience and for first-year students who need access to the space by individual request.

HOUSING POLICIES: Housing policies should include clear language that communicates to LGBTQ students that their needs can and will be met by their staff. .