Are there any special considerations for married couples looking for student housing?

Family student housing is a great place to live and offers a unique living experience for UCSC students and their families. This family-friendly resort overlooks Monterey Bay and offers beautiful views. Students who are 25 years old or older (at any time during the semester) or who are married are not allowed to live on campus. All rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once the FAFSA has been filed, students will receive their student aid report, which will describe the levels of financial aid for which they have qualified. Students when they become parents and it allows them to modify their academic responsibilities during the semester during or after the birth or adoption of a child. HRL is committed to working to meet the housing needs of all residential students by providing a welcoming community that values diversity and promotes the dignity of all members of the community. Before assuming that they don't qualify for financial aid, married students should fill out and file the FAFSA and wait to receive their student aid report for details about the financial aid opportunities that may be offered to them.

Brigham Young University of Hawaii (BYUH)'s married student housing, Temple View Apartments (TVA), can accommodate about 314 student families and is located just outside the campus, near the Laie Temple, Hawaii. While students can apply for the TVA waiting list as soon as they are accepted to school or get engaged, they must be full-time students (12 fall or winter credits; 8 spring credits) who were married before the first day of school to be on the list. A member of the Interlink office contacts the housing office at the beginning of each Interlink session to inform them about the number of students who need accommodation. The International House is the perfect place for students from other countries to be with others in the same situation and, at the same time, to meet American students who also live there.