Are there any special considerations for transfer students looking for student housing?

Some examples of reasonable accommodations include allowing an assistance animal when there is a “no pets” policy or allowing the room to be changed to a single room. You must also complete the housing application. You can request a roommate; if your roommate selects the same transfer community and you both meet the requirements, you will be staying together. On-campus housing is not available for transfer students.

All transfer students must secure off-campus accommodation. Current Rutgers students re-apply for on-campus housing through an annual housing selection process that allows students to search and select a room or apartment online. During housing selection, students must first request a housing selection number. Completing the initial housing selection application is required to participate in the selection process for any living space on campus.

Obtaining the housing selection number is not binding until you select your space. In the fall, incoming transfer students will also form small groups with an upper-class transfer student leader to help them transition to Tulane. Rutgers students should upload their documentation on vaccines and boosters to the Rutgers student immunization portal for verification. All students must fully comply with the COVID-19 vaccine requirement to move to on-campus housing.

Recent studies indicate that students who reside on campus for the first two years of their academic career maintain a higher overall average than students who live off campus, higher levels of social support among their peers, and show greater persistence toward graduation. Harvey House is an intentionally intersectional residential community designed to celebrate and affirm the cultural experiences of LGBTQ+ students and their allies. All Honors College students have the option of living in honors housing each year they attend UAlbany. Harvey House provides current students with the opportunity to live with other members of the LGBTQ+ community, including their allies.

Students who need accommodation must have their medical needs documented by Student Access and Inclusion Services for the Disabled. All new incoming students must submit an application for accommodation on the Housing Portal before they can be assigned a room on campus.