Do you have to be a student to live in student housing in florida?

Apartments near Florida State University aren't necessarily just for students. While most of these student-centered apartments have amenities and features designed for the university student, they would never turn down any potential tenant if they decided to live there. While CF doesn't have on-campus dorms, there are plenty of affordable housing options close to each campus, and the Ocala campus has CF-affiliated housing nearby, through the College Square apartments. Accommodation for graduates and families is competitive, so it is recommended that students start searching for apartments at least 90 days before their preferred move-in date.

Each student receives a copy of the Student Housing Guide, prepared under the direction of the EFSC Student Housing Corporation. At the time of signing the accommodation contract, the student (or if under 18, the student's parent or legal guardian) must select a payment option. A student who intends to attend Eastern Florida State College as a full-time student* can apply for on-campus housing before or after being accepted. Students can also contact the on-site residential assistant and the director of student support services, Lena Copeland, if they have questions.

For example, students expecting a child will have priority moving to a two-bedroom apartment rather than students who have a location preference. After the application process, the Director of Student Support Services will deliver the contract to students who are offered a position in a home. The Director of Student Support Services will provide the related forms as part of the housing contract process. In addition, students are responsible for the conduct of their guests and may be subject to disciplinary action for the misconduct of their guests, as if the misconduct of their guests had been committed by the student (see the EFSC Student Code of Conduct, “Guest Responsibility”).