How can students ensure their privacy in student housing?

We check the grades and course schedules of every student who lives with us. Ratings will not be shared with anyone other than professional staff. For college students with a GPA of 2.5 or lower, we try to help them succeed by having their resident director contact you to ensure that they are aware of the resources available to UIC students both on campus and in campus housing. Professional staff can communicate directly with students in courses related to academic initiatives.

First-year students, in particular, can also be resident assistants who encourage you to take advantage of available academic resources. To assess students' perceptions about the use of data in higher education, NASPA and New America organized a series of student focus groups that discussed campus privacy, contact tracing, targeted outreach, and more. The pandemic has also increased campus interest in tracking student data to better understand how students are doing in online learning environments and the need to intervene with the right resources at the right time, the report explains. It is important that institutional expectations surrounding student privacy are clear and that teachers and staff understand what they can and cannot demand from students.