How can students find out about available student housing options?

Universities often help students find accommodation, while websites such as Craigslist, College Rentals and Rent are great options, if used wisely. With so many housing options available at California universities, most students can find a residential community that meets their needs. The types of student accommodation range from shared dorms in university residences to private apartments. Private accommodation for students A shared flat is an excellent option if you want to live in community with other students, but with a little more independence than you could have in university dorms.

Most universities will provide international students with a liaison officer who can provide them with information about off-campus housing options. Many international students prefer the social environment of shared housing to make friends in their new city, but whether you want to share a university, a dorm room with other students, rent a private apartment with roommates, or find accommodation on your own, there are plenty of options available. There are also apartments for couples of university students with or without children, as well as an international house for students from all over the world. Each campus has its own unique housing options, making the choice a little more complicated for students looking to find the right option.

There's also the question of whether you would like to live with other international students or with American students. In the past five years, 96 percent of first-year students who entered and more than a quarter of the transfer students who entered chose college housing and the benefits that come with it. Married students can find accommodation in UC apartments, but these accommodations are limited in number and require a very early application. Do some research on the Internet to see what the atmosphere and social scene are like in the accommodation you choose.

Student forums are great for gathering information from older alumni. In addition, there are several theme houses where students share a space with those who share a specialty or with other members of their sororities or fraternities. Themed accommodations are available for various groups, including honors students, international students, and students interested in recreational sports. There are numerous special-interest accommodation options with academic or cultural topics, such as gender-inclusive housing and pre-business housing.

Many students opt for university accommodation on campus during their first year and then move to an apartment or private homes with friends for the rest of their studies, once they know what areas appeal to them.