What are the benefits of living in student housing?

A university environment can encourage the evolution of students' worldviews and their extracurricular interests. Living on campus can give you more opportunities to socialize with your peers. You'll also have greater access to a variety of campus activities and clubs, increasing your sense of community. On-campus housing is often more expensive than living in an off-campus apartment.

Although this isn't always the case, some dorms are priced higher than usual because the University knows that they may require first-year students to live on campus. This requirement is made to allow the student to immerse themselves in the culture of the campus. It's also an added advantage for the university to maximize its profits with students who don't want to worry about finding a place off campus and who want an easy transition. If you have the opportunity to research how to live off campus, depending on the school you attend and the housing market, you'll be able to find places with better benefits at lower prices.

In student accommodation owned by a university, you can't choose your own room or who shares it with you. However, renting at a PBSA means you'll have a wide range of rooms to choose from. You can have your own private room in an apartment and share the bathroom, kitchen and living room with other students, or you can have your own private bathroom, or you can't share anything and stay in a 1-bedroom flat or a separate studio. If you book with a group of friends or co-workers, you can request to live together on the same floor.

All a student has to do to book a room at a PBSA is browse our website, select their best options, and then proceed to book the perfect student room. Our multilingual accommodation experts are available around the clock to answer any questions from parents and students. While the availability of certain housing styles varies by school, most students eventually share their living space with one or more college roommates. One of the best things about living in student accommodation is that you'll be surrounded by students from different cultures and backgrounds.

Some schools have houses or apartments nearby so that students can experience the feeling of living off campus while still living under the school's jurisdiction. Students find it easy to receive academic support through regular, impromptu study groups, as well as individual attention from other students in their classes. Campus housing effectively integrates learning and social development by providing students with the opportunity to form an identity or a sense of community with the institution. Student accommodation ensures that you find the peace and quiet needed to focus on studying and the motivation to excel in research and homework.

Every international student evaluating their accommodation options in the UK will have to choose between living on campus, renting private rental with an owner, or living in specially designed student accommodation (PBSA).