What is the process for applying for student housing?

Start your research early · 2.Get a university residence as soon as possible · 3.Check social media and school resources for advice when needed · 4.Unfortunately, not all students have their first choice when it comes to selecting residences, and sometimes you'll find that all the accommodation options are full, but that doesn't mean all is lost. The residential living department at the school you choose can give you advice on how to sign up for a waiting list for a dorm, or it can connect you with a student who has accommodation but needs a roommate. If you are taking summer classes and would like to live on campus for the first summer, summer 2, or both, visit the university housing portal (opens in a new tab) and complete an application for summer accommodation. Accommodation requests are always submitted after the student has been accepted and committed to a school (I've never heard of an exception).

Once an applicant has been offered an accommodation place, the housing application fee is not refundable for any reason. Please note that you must have an application on file before submitting this form. To request on-campus housing, visit the University's Housing Portal. All students classified by Admissions as first-year students must live in a student residence, unless University Housing grants an exemption.

If you are a newly admitted student who is admitted to summer school and do not plan to live on campus during the summer, but want to live (or are required to live) on campus during the regular academic year, you must complete an application for summer accommodation in order to access the housing application for the academic year. Students who wish to apply for an exemption must complete and submit a housing exemption form to University Housing. But if you haven't done that research yet, you might want to make it a priority, advises Kayla Lowery, director of student experiences at College Housing Northwest, a non-profit organization that helps students find affordable housing. Please note that readmitted, continuing and transferred students, regardless of their academic level, are not guaranteed accommodation on campus and should call University Housing for the details of the application.

University Housing will continue to accept applications from new students beyond this deadline; however, roommate search functions and modifications to existing applications will not be available.