What types of amenities are typically offered in student housing?

From smart lockers to digital gyms, there are a plethora of student accommodation services that can improve students' lives. By investing in new service offerings where students spend most of their time, universities can demonstrate that they care about the academic, emotional and physical well-being of their students. And if current trends in college student housing are any indicator, technological improvements are just beginning. In the future, high-tech luxury amenities are likely to become the norm, not the exception.

Water slides, quiet rivers and outdoor climbing walls. These incredible amenities were all the rage in student accommodation for the past few years, but today students are looking for traditional services in places that are more pedestrian-friendly. While these exaggerated amenities haven't completely disappeared, standard service packages with swimming pools, gyms and common spaces are once again dominating student demand. Now, a growing number of universities are opting for systems that use remote controls, student cards or smartphones to allow students to access their university residence and open their doors.

In response to some alarming mental health trends (especially for Generation Z), many universities have placed special emphasis on the importance of the physical and mental health of their students as they prepare to return to campus in the fall. But besides size and space, what services do future university students want? But besides size and space, what services do college students want? Smart washers and dryers can help greatly improve students' laundry experience, as they streamline the entire process, which translates into positive feedback from both students and accommodation staff. Southern CaliforniaVictory student housing is transforming the heart of Southern California with its luxurious boutique residences. Apartment size is an important factor in student housing decisions, and 65 percent of respondents rated it as “extremely important.” In recent years, universities have dedicated a substantial part of their budget to upgrading or improving their student housing and community services on campus.

And in today's competitive environment, the amenities of student accommodation are important for new students, especially for first-year students. However, today, student housing operators are taking advantage of new technology to optimize this much-hated task.